Consumer Complaints

Which Products and Businesses Does the Bureau Regulate?

BHGS administers the Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation Act and has authority to regulate the following products and businesses.

The Bureau enforces laws and regulations pertaining to the following products:

  • upholstered furniture,
  • bedding products with concealed filling materials(mattresses, pillows, comforters, mattress pads, etc.),
  • filling materials(cotton batting, polyurethane foam, feather and down, etc.),
  • thermal insulation.

The Bureau issues licenses to businesses that produce or sell the products listed above. These businesses include:

  • importers,
  • manufacturers,
  • wholesalers,
  • furniture and bedding retailers,
  • supply dealers,
  • custom upholsterers,
  • sanitizers
  • thermal insulation manufacturers.

What Are Common Consumer Complaints?

The most common consumer complaints received by the bureau involve:

  • false or misleading advertising
  • excessive delivery times
  • unclean used mattresses

What Should You Do If You Have a Consumer Complaint?

The first step in resolving a consumer problem is to contact the business that sold the product or performed the service.

A letter to the manager can be the most effective method. The letter should clearly outline the product purchased, explain the problem and state the resolution you're seeking. Include copies of any related documents, such as receipts or warranties. For more tips, see the Consumer Self-Help guide.

If you made the purchase by credit card and notice a billing error involving the product, you can dispute the charge. One example of a billing error is if you failed to receive a credit for a product that you returned. For more information on what to do, see the Federal Trade Commission's tips on Fair Credit Billing.

If your efforts to deal directly with the business are unsuccessful, contact the Bureau at (916) 999-2041, or use the link to the right to start the complaint process online.