License Search

A license/registration may exist in any of the following statuses:

Canceled: The licensee/registrant is prohibited from operating. A licensee/registrant with a canceled license/registration may reapply as a new applicant and must meet the current requirements for approval.

Current: The license/registration is valid. The licensee/registrant can operate prior to the license/registration expiration date. Licenses/registrations in "Current" status may be subject to certain probationary terms and restrictions.

Delinquent: A license/registration is delinquent if not renewed by its expiration date. A licensee/registrant may not operate until the license/registration is properly renewed.

Revoked: The Bureau has taken away the license/registration to operate. The former licensee/registrant no longer holds a license/registration with the Bureau as a result of disciplinary action.

Suspended: The licensee/registrant is prohibited from operating for a specified period of time.

While a status search is a good starting point to gain information about a licensee/registrant, it will not provide you with any underlying documents regarding that registrant. For example, a registration that appears as "current" in the Online License Verification may nevertheless be on probation. For this reason, the Bureau also posts certain documents regarding its registrants, if any such documents exist, online. You are strongly encouraged to view the links found here. For any questions you may have, please contact the Bureau at the following address:

Bureau of Household Goods and Services
Attention: Enforcement Unit
4244 South Market Court, Suite D
Sacramento, CA 95834

To facilitate a response to your request, please include the full name and registration number of the registrant.